Who is ilish?

Ilish Eduardo Valdivia (born February 9th, 1993), better known by his stage name (Ilish),
is a Latin/American rapper, singer, and songwriter.
In February 2014 Ilish made his music debut with his 1st mixtape "School of Thought".
                                                                 The project reached over 16k plays on Soundcloud and was the #1 download on Rapzilla.com.                                                                                                         

In summer 2015 he released "School of Thought Bonus Tracks" his 1st EP.
The project dropped with a visual for his single "IDK?".
The project would play a huge part in bookings, tours, and features. 
In August 2016 Ilish released a visual for his single "What Chu Want" ft. WxNDER y,
and a 7 track EP "No Days Off". This album landed him a major gig in Austin, Texas SXSW event. 

In 2017 he became an international recording artist by collaborating with U.K. artist Ghostlotus.
The track "Stopping" landed #10 on the U.K. Christian Music Charts.                                                                               
In July 2017, "Levels" the EP series was released, alongside a visual for "No Luck".
After a year of touring, marriage, and becoming a father Ilish released "Levels II" in August 2018.                                   
The series reached 194k streams and followed up with a visual for "Overthinking".
In 2019 Ilish only released 5 collaborative singles to focus on his album "Unity".  

"Unity" was released in February 2020 and consisted of 10 songs.
The project reached over 236k streams and featured Ilish's biggest hit "Save Me".                                                           
The project also introduced a new side of Ilish with more melodic flows and Latin sounds.
Songs like "Mala" and "Ocean Drive" are still a crowd pleaser.                                                                                           
After the success of this project multiple partnerships began to form.
However, it all took a turn in mid-2020 when the lockdown began.                                                                                   
Ilish took that time to focus on the safety of his family and explore other music alternatives.
After a few months of the pandemic and riots Ilish decided to release a darker project titled "Phases". 

In February 2021 "Phases" the EP would tackle political and race issues.
It would also speak on the new reality after the pandemic and an optimism for the future.                                               
The EP consisted of 6 songs and 1 bonus remix track.
"Phases" was released alongside 3 music visuals and received 82k streams.                                                                   
"Ilish" had a general idea that this project would be under rated due to the nature of the content. 
Still he felt a need to speak on these topics.

In 2021 Ilish would face a difficult time losing his cousin Terrance and friend Prof. Biz.
He took 3 months off music to work on his emotions, mental health, and making amends with distant family.                 
From this low and dark moment there was hope and joy that sparked inside.
Songs like "Lost", "Forty-Eight Hours", "Asi Soy Yo", and "Radiant"
were inspired by the pain and joy of losing loved ones.
The 4 singles would tap back into the melodic flows the supporters knew and loved.

                                                                               February 2022 Ilish gifted his supporters with a 3 track EP "Love Parables".                                                                                                                                                                                 In November 2022 Ilish released a 12 track deluxe album “Anticipation”.                                                                                                       The project featured “Ten Thousand Hours, "Overthinking II", and "Forever". 

"I believe Christ has gifted my voice to be a vessel in building relationships and helping others." - ILISH